Date: 2017

Project Team
Caitlin Thompson

Ted Deacey
Josh Oakley
Monica Cheah
Anna Charisou
Mandy Griffiths
Phoebe Saunders

Virtual reality once seemed too futuristic to be true – now it’s being hailed as the 21st-century empathy machine. But can it really change someone’s perspective?

As part of a pro-bono initiative for The Butterfly Foundation, a small team took on a challenge to educate Australians on the misunderstood issue of eating disorders. By placing the user in the position of someone with a lived experience, we wanted to create actionable change from the inside out.

I assisted with strategy, copywriting and filming in early stages, however my role was more pivotal in the post production stage – editing and grading the 360 footage, creating an app to run the footage in a Gear VR headset, producing a film showing participants’ experiences and designing Iridescent’s brand and website.


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